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Love this site! It is hard to find someone that appreciates the same things in life, laughs at the same jokes and knows how to take care of a woman. I have been to quite a few dating sites, trying to find a guy who is mature, loving and who likes to spoil his lover. Well, I am happy to say that I have finally found that man. After 2 months on, I actually found a man who not only fulfills me emotionally, but financially. We are happy and I honestly do not even see a need for this site any longer. Thank you MMSD for introducing me to my fiance.
X0 - Lisa

One thank you would not be enough. I do not think a word can express my gratitude for the happiness that I am feeling now. I have been a member to quite a few dating sites and all of them seemed to fall short, until now. I have been completely swept off my feet by my dream man. He never falls short, from the spur of the moment gifts to the world class trips; he takes my breath away each time. Thank you marrymesugardaddy for finding me my very own Sugar Daddy soul mate!
- Boston Sugar Baby

I am not the type to check out dating sites, or even write a review, but I do believe in giving credit whencredit is due… I have been on this site in no time and I have already found three interested and eligible bachelors. The problem is I do not know who to choose!! My advice for you skeptical ladies is sign up and try it out! The men flock to you and I have never met so many high class men in one area who are looking to spoil, spoil, spoil.
- Smitten in Atlanta :-) Martini

I did my research and MMSD has been online since 2005 and already they have earned a reputation. Girls do not be shy! Upload a photo and get social! The men on here are to die for. I have met the man of my dreams and I have only been a member for a couple months (if it was not free I would have cancelled by now as I have found my soul mate already!) I heard about this site from a friend of mine who is actually marrying the sugar daddy she met on here this summer in a destination wedding in Ireland!! If it happened to us, it can happen to anyone.
- Eternally Grateful for this site!! Thanks MMSD, Kate

I would probably give this dating site 4 out of 5 stars. To me, the last star will be given when I have a ring on my finger! But let me explain how the first 4 were earned. First, one star for being free. The 2nd star for actually having members!! Laugh now, but I have tested a few out and more times than not, I am coming across nasty, horn dog men who have no intention of actually dating (and their very existence is in question.) So bravo MMSD on accomplishing that one. 3rd I met a MAN! We have been dating for 3 months now and I am completely satisfied. Emotionally, financially and sexually. 4th He is NOT just talk. He actually lives the lifestyle that I want to live and does not spare a dollar when he is with me. The fourth star is definitely worthy of being noted as this is a sugar daddy site. He continues to impress me with lavish gifts, surprise trips to Napa Valley and amazing shopping sprees! I will come back and add the last 5th star when he places that much anticipated ring on my finger! Wish me luck and good luck to you all!! You are sure to find what you are looking for here.
- Looking for Love, Mandy

Simply put its not a waste of ime or energy. No spam and lots of chicks. Real people, looking for real relationships. Nice work Marry Me Sugar Daddy, dating has never been easier for me. I am not the best looking guy, and have hard time finding a great girl in the past. But I have found a few amazing women on here who understand what men need and who appreciate me. I am addicted!! Thanks MMSD!
- Gary

I will keep this short and sweet. Not much is needed to be said, except that I would recommend this site to any friend of mine who asks. I am not greedy or a gold digger, but what’s wrong with being attracted to success?! Success is what you will find on this site. Success in every form! Successful people, successful relationships and successful lifestyles. Kudos from the bottom of my heart!
(-: Kelley T.

I met Sophia in early 2009. She is Russian American and I can not ask for a better woman. We are now living together and are planning our wedding in October 2010. I thought I should let the team at marry me sugar daddy (whoever you are) know that there are real life success stories. You guys rock!
- Manny

Found my match and that is all I have to say is Peace MMSD and thank you!!

I do not know what makes this site better than the rest! I only know that I was able to meet a special person on here. I had to drive 160 miles to meet her, but that 2.5 hour drive was so worth the anxiety and wait. She met me at a coffee shop near the interstate, and when she walked in the door, I knew right away that she was the woman of my dreams. Sometimes what you think will make you happy does not, and what you do not think will make you happy does. Life is weird that way. She blew me away and I will take care of her for the rest of my life.
Kind Regards, Richard & Nina

Do not give up on this site! I have been a member for 6 months and just when I began to give up and become bored, I met someone. As corny as it sounds, its true. I am only warning all of you who may be tempted to quit and give up. BUT Do NOT! I am glad I kept my membership, it is free and when I stopped looking for love, it landed right in my inbox. Literally! This site gave me somewhere to go when I gave up on all conventional dating strategies. We started long distance, but we are now getting an apartment together. Do not let the words sugar daddy scare you away, this site attracts wealthy, successful men who are cultured, generous and admirable. And these men expect to meet higher caliber of women too. Good luck and do not be afraid to get what you want!!

I would not consider myself wealthy, but I am well off. I make a decent living and can afford to enjoy many luxuries. I wanted to find a girl who was not greedy, mean or selfish. But I definitely wanted someone who was soft spoken, pleasant, beautiful and would cherish and appreciate me. I found a gorgeous woman, who has never stopped showering me with affection. This is by far the best dating experience I have had, hands down. Thanks again!
Mitch & Janis

Good luck guys!! I found my man and I am closing up shop. I think there is enough said with that! Thanks soooo much marry me sugar daddy! I have found mine :->
- Lisa

Dear MMSD, Some people never find love. I just wanted to write you a thank you and let you know that this site was my perfect match maker. I fell in love and I owe it all to the networking capabilities of this site and its members. Life gets in the way of our dreams and this site has made my dreams a reality. Brent is 14 years older and an amazing man, he is an electrical engineer who never had time to date since he was all working, until now! It is all about timing, he is ready and I am ready and we have found each other. Thank you for making this so easy for me, for us. We love your site and owe it all to you! Many thanks from the both of us
Holly and Brent.

Dear marry me sugar daddy:
I have spent some time on a few other sites of this same nature. Not much luck, so I did not really have high expectations for this one. I almost gave up on this internet dating theory, but after almost 3 and half months, I fell in love with a woman who rocks my world. She hit me like an earthquake, a quick jolt of sunshine in my life. I have never met someone so caring, appreciative, and fun. I spend a lot of time working and have not had many long term relationships for this reason, but thanks to this site, I have found a dream girl who I would have never found otherwise. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due! Ps I should mention that she found me! This is proof that miracles do happen.
Thanks a million! Teddy

There is not much to say at this point, except that I am not taking the time to write anything negative. I expected a chat forum or a bunch of fake members, but what I found was real people, making real money and ready to have good time. There are all kinds of people on here, you are sure to meet the one for you. I am glad that I am finally associating with the men of my liking and caliber. So, thanks again!

I have been so lucky to find a great man, that I am closing my account! Best of luck to you, I know it is possible to find true love on here as I am living proof! Everything is on par with this site, from the intellectual, wealthy and classy members, to the easy interface and reliable support team. I have only had the best experience and I wish the same to you all!!
Thanks MMSD!! Kara

Absolute Success!! Thank you MMSD!
I heard about this site from a girl friend who found an amazing smart, older man who has taken care of her since their first date! She flies to London and New York with him, dines at the best restaurants, drinks the most expensive wines and enjoys the best of the best hotels. I was jealous, until NOW!! I took her advice and did a little sugar daddy scouting of my own and what I found was a plethora or attractive, successful singles who are just waiting to meet the right person! I have been dating this guy for 4 months and there is no shortage of alternate men, should this amazing relationship not work out! I recommend this site to any girl who is sick of dating broke-ass douchebags. Bravo marry me sugar daddy! I am just waiting for the ring now!
Xo Sexy Sugar Baby 22

I have recently joined marry me sugar daddy and I really enjoy everything about the site, from the design, the concep, to the people that are inside. I come from a web design background and I appreciate a classy looking site that also holds its own once inside. I have met quite a few gorgeous girls on here so far, and had a date within 24 minutes of signing on the first time. These chicks do not waste any time, you will have no problem finding dates and eventually finding the one. I am still dating a few sugar babies, but I have a few friends who have nailed down hot brides already. Nice site and good vibes. I will definitely be a member for a while.

I have never been happier! I have found the best match for me! Our first date we went sky diving and it was amazing. I have never found someone so adventurous, exciting, attractive and successful in one man! He is my activity partner and I am so head over heels. We are planning a destination wedding in the Bahamas for early next year. He is wonderful and I have mmsd to thank! If I was able to find true happiness, anyone can!
Love and Kisses, Mikayla

I came to this site mostly out of boredom and curiosity. I really thought it was a joke or hoax. But I have to admit that I have met not one, but many, eligible bachelors that I have just narrowed down to one great guy! I have gone from dating pessimist to checking my email and messages every hour in anticipation! It is truly exciting and worth a look. I have read so many success stories and I am becoming one of them. Thank you marry me sugar daddy, I owe my happiness to this site!

Dear MMSD team, first off, thank you for putting me in contact with wealthy men all over the world. I would have never been able to meet these men otherwise. I tell all of my friends about this site and I think this site is a great idea. Amazing members, amazing men and bright futures for us all! I can not wait to update you all on my storybook ending. Muah!

If you know what you are seeking then this site really does work! I have met my prince and he is now making me queen! We are to wed this summer and I would have never met him any other way. Thank you for introducing me to my best friends, the love of my life. I have found my knight in shining armor! Thanks Marry Me Sugar Daddy! I am one happy sugar babe! XOXO

For someone who has had the worst luck dating, I just wanted to take a minute to thank the people at MMSD. This site is awesome and has finally landed me an awesome girl who absolutely completes me. I love spoiling her and making her happy. We are perfect together and I hope everyone has the most positive experience that I have had!
Thanks again! CHAD

Hi mmsd I will keep this short and sweet. Attractive ladies, great design, reliable, and (actually fun) dates. No complaints here! I am happy and satisfied with a great girl. I wish you all the same luck I have had with this site.


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