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Yes, absolutely. We take your privacy and security very serious.

You will love the security features that we have put in place for you. For the convenience and privacy of our members we have installed a variety of private access code features. We allow our members to choose the level of privacy for their profile. We have enabled many different options for our users including, full visibility control of photos, personal information, contact information and/or your entire profile. The levels of privacy you select are optional and completely up to your discretion. For Example: If you want to have your profile text viewable to the public, but only share your photos with specific members you have selected, you can do that. If you want to have your ENTIRE profile only viewable to members of your choosing, that is an option as well. You simply choose the best privacy setting for your profile that you feel is appropriate for you.

You can feel secure knowing that Marry Me Sugar Daddy is a very discreet and confidential club. Your security and your ability to be discreet is our #1 priority! We hope that when you join you will feel 100% secure and confident with the system we have in place. It is a truly state of the art and completely customizable security system.

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